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The Church at SoundHouse
18024 Dedeaux Clan Rd., Gulfport, MS 39503
Sundays @ 10:30 AM

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Maybe you...

  • Have given up on church

  • Have been hurt by people in the church

  • Have even quit a regular church

  • Realize that there HAS to be something more

  • Are ready to be part of something different

  • Are ready to be part of an Ekklesia


SoundHouse is located at 18024 Dedeaux Clan Rd in Gulfport, MS. Not only does SoundHouse serve as the central hub for Wells of SouthGate, Gulf Coast Healing Rooms, and others, but it also serves as the gathering location for The Church at SoundHouse


Church at SoundHouse is a multi-cultural, multi-generational, non-denominational community of worshippers tied together by the love. We are home for people with diverse religious backgrounds and experiences. What ties us together is a shared desire to follow Jesus Christ 


Together, We pursue God's presence through times of heartfelt, intimate worship, and in-depth teaching.  It's during these times that we are healed, restored, equipped, and empowered to be God's Kingdom that Jesus said we would be.  

...In a nutshell, This is the church you have been looking for.


Church at SoundHouse meets Sunday mornings at 10:30. 

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